Clients can either rent the décor alone or upgrade and add flowers for an additional cost. Choose from one of our Décor Packages or pick the items you need to rent from the list below. All items are subject to availability. Email Nannette at for more information.

Black/ White Modern Minimalist Package, $500
Includes 1 backdrop, 12 white ceramic bud vases ( 3 per), 2 black stands for buffet, 1 black round mirror and sign

Elegant Silver Package, $500

Includes: Sheer Fabric Back Drop, 12 Silver Lanterns, 12 12″mirrors, 4 Silver Candelabras, Vintage Silver Taper Candles 12-24, and Sign

Modern Gold Package, $500
Includes: Gold Hoop Backdrop, 15 Gold Terrariums, Gold Stands, Gold Round Mirror, and Sign

Bohemian Romantic Package, $500
Includes: Wood Arbor Backdrop, 15 Log and Lantern, Modern Wood Cake Table, 2 Bride and Groom Chairs, and Sign

Rose Gold Package, $500
Includes: Rose Gold/Copper Pipe Backdrop, 15 Rose Gold/Copper Terrariums. Rose Gold Stands with Bistro Lights, 2 Rose Gold Florist Pots, and Sign

Wildflower Package, $500
Includes: 1 Log Arch, 10 natural wood boxes, Whiskey Barrel for Flowers, Wood Display Crates, and Sign.

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