Happy Holidays to All

Happy Holidays to you all,
Oh my….. my heart is filled with gratitude.  Cheers to one and all for making it through 2020!  I am not going to lie this year has been one h@#%*& of a year but though it all I have witnessed such kindness, such hope, and for sure bravery and determination to carry on and move forward.  Love does conquer all!

First, I want to raise my glass to all the wonderful 2020 brides and grooms.  We had to keep it simple and intimate, but all the quality was still there.  I cried with you when grandparents could not make it or travel restrictions kept family members away.  I cheered with you for your brave determination to move forward, celebrate life, and start your new beginnings!

And to all my professional friends in the Wedding industry, cheers to you for weathering the storm!  We all literally came to a standstill in the early part of this year.  The uncertainty was so scary.  But I have witnessed it bring out the best in people.  Oh my goodness… Magley’s sending out their people to clean and renovate venues.  Cooper Brown and his innovative live streaming weddings so that family members can feel a part of these important life events.  Communal Restaurant delivering food and giving flower gifts as thank you.  All the wonderful venues for keeping us afloat with all their safety precautions.  Red Mountain for getting us flowers and supplies even though trucks were stopped at the borders, and there was limited access to resources.  All the local farms and small businesses supported each other. 

Thank you for supporting our small business @Nannetteyork floral.  Praise goes to all of you.  We got this!!! We are sending our heartfelt wishes for a very joyful Holiday Season snuggled up with your families and loved ones this year.  Hooray for simple Abundance and Love!